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This app will let you save all of your android data. In any case you left your phone some where and some one steal your data easily. But with using this app like a vault you can easily manage and secure your self. Combination screen locker apk With the help of sms locker,you can only take care of your messages only,but Vault-Hide SMS,pic app for android is one of the best app with the application of which you can take care of your messages,Contacts,Pictures as well as Videos.You will have to set password for getting access to Vault-Hide SMS or lock app for android.Vault application has got one of good feature too that it also allow you to lock applications which you do not want other to use them,like you can lock facebook,twitter,skype etc using Vault-Hide Sms,pics app.

Complete Procedure to use Vault-Hide Sms,pics app for android

Download and install vault-Hide app.

  1. Setup password so that nobody except you can get access to your messages/contacts/pictures/videos.
  2. Vault-Hide will ask you to add the data you want others not to see.
  3. Add your private data by selecting messages/videos/images/Contacts option.
  4. Your data will be added to that specific category of Vault-Hide SMS app for android.
  5. Again,if you had already added the data,then you can access that data by selecting that specific category.All the data of that category will be open and you can select data of your desire choice.
  6.  Another main feature of Vault-Hide SMS,pic for apk is that you can also lock applications which you want to hide from others.There is a separate Tab for Locking Applications in Vault-Hide SMS app.
Follow the above procedure and get your app installed without any error.

Screenshots For Vault apk :

Have a look at interface and all related photos of apps.

Vault-hide-sms-pics-videos-apk apk-free-download-for-android vault-hide apk-free-for-hiding

App Info about android app:

File Size : 3 MB

Version :

Android Version Required : 2.3 and up 
Developer Website :
Email :

Downloading Link Of Vault App Is Here :

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