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Description For Photo Locker Pro:

Photo Locker Pro
Photo Locker Pro
Paid/pro version of photo hide app has tremendous features that were not disclose in free app. This PRO version apk of photo locker holds the premium and ultimate features that lead to more privacy of your pictures and photos. Some of the options of elite use were hidden in the free version, while these features are elaborated with great utilization and enhancement..

Key Features For Latest Version Of Photo Locker:

  • Encrption is the main feature which not only move photos to hidden location but also encrypt it with 128AES Encryption system. That is to say, If some one try to steal your phone or SD card, and try to get access to photos. He gonna fail. Because its encryption won't let any body access others private photos/ pictures/images.
  • Hide-in-Bulk, thats to say hundreds of photos at few touches. It may be done within gallery or from inside photo locker pro app.
  • Individual albums can also be hidden.
  • Hidden photos retain originality. So, it won't lose original resolution.
  • Edit hidden photos on the go with pro locker. i.e you can rotate, flip and do such other things.
  • Automatic lock at screen off. 
  • Easy PIN recovery options.
  • Reverse all the process of hiding pictures with easy steps.
  • Less encryption time consumption.

Screenshots For the pro app of android:

photo=locker pro-locks apps-free- download-apk

Info By Developer: For Pro Version of photo locker:

  1. Size:  2 MB.
  2. Installs:   More then 50 K
  3. Offered by: Handy apps.

Download Here Free Locker Pro:

Here is available to download for your any android device.

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