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Description: Gallery Lock App

Operating like a safe vault, this app will lock your pictures. So that all of your personal photos will be hidden from gallery. Hide your pictures of all formats like jpeg, png and others like that. This application is very simple in use.
We have previously shared image locker pro and photo locker pro. While this gallery lock app will hide all of your pictures from photo albums and image gallery. So that they wont appear to any one. What if you are fed up with these apps for hiding precious pictures. Here is solution for you to hide your pictures without any app.
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Features For This Picture Hiding App:

Stealth mode is built-in to cope with any situation that can be reasoned to expose pics.
Stealth camera mode brings another feature of watchdog. That will automatically capture the spy photo of the intruder right at the moment. That will be only seen by you.
With this app, you can share any picture (hidden) right from the app, without unhiding and going for traditional ways and then reversing the process to make it hide.
Make folders and subfolder, here within the gallery locker apk.
Wonderful and beautiful designs supported apk.
Easy Access to PIN for you. ( only you )
Zooming option enabled in picture.
Bulk selection feature for hiding and unhiding of your secret pictures.
In a nut shell this app of gallery lock ( hide pictures ) is fully operation guard against all prying eyes that want your data to be seen.
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File Info For apk:

Size : 7 MB
Android :  2.3 or higher version

Screenshots For the Android App Free:

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