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Now a days every one want to secure and hide his personal belongings like pictures etc. And they dont have the way to do so. Now android apps bring the solution by launching a vaulty apk. This free application make you hide your personal pictures, images and photos within a locker vault. This vaulty hider will not be accessible to every one except the one who has the PIN that is definitely the owner of the mobile. While prying eyes that always bother you, wont have access to your private photos. This is the best way to lock or hide your pictures. Because some one else cant even think that you have hidden something from him. Actually it is a gallery locker that can also protect your videos in few easy and simple steps. It is limitless. That means you can hide unlimited photos and videos within protected vaulty apk.
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Vaulty App Features:

  • It has a brilliant feature of a hidden gallery. You can handover your mobile to any one without worrying of private pictures. Because vaulty has locked them in a super secret gallery.
  • You can set your password or pin for accessing gallery. It can be change in the setting of the app any time you want.
  • You can also have online optional storage for recovering your lost pictures. This backup is really helpful in case the phone is lost or stolen.
  • It is super fast app, that won't crashes even during bulk work.
  • You can edit photos and view them within vaulty hider.
  • You can also view videos within hidden locker without un-hiding them
  • And many other features like renaming,sorting, zooming, sharing and many much more that will be revealed to you until you experience it.

Mugshot-The Super Feature of the app:

 This feature is really a crown of the app. It so work, when some one want to access your vaulty gallery with prying eyes. And put there a wrong password. He will be caught red handed. You know how ?. This app will immediately captures the photo of the person with front camera on the spot. While the one trying to get entry into the app will have no idea of this happening.

Screenshot For The App: Hide Pictures:

hide-pictures vaulty-apk android-apk vaulty-locker

Vaulty APK Information:

Size : 12.4 MB

App Version : 4.2

Require Android Version : 4.0

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