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Description For Hide Pictures-KeepSafe Vault:

Do you want to secure & keep your pictures in a safe vault ?. If yes, then grab this app at the bottom of the page and install it. This apk have all sort of option necessary to have your pictures in secure vault. You can lock your photos and videos both with same process. Hide your private pictures with whole of the album in one vault. The vault will be only under the custody of PIN or password of your choice. You may also save videos in the safe, without any worries. Because this app won't let any body interfere in personal album. Must try this app. You may have needed this any time. So, you must be familiar with the use of app. It will secure your privacy even more stronger then other apps.

Features For keepSafe vault Android App:

  • Clean and neat app, with modern look.
  • Easy PIN generated option and change it as your own.
  • Import pictures from original and regular gallery directly into the safevault app.
  • You can make your photo reappear from stronger vault to regular gallery.
  • This app won't show up in recent apps list. This is somewhat ultra feature that would also be meant for.
  • Compatible with all android smart phones and tablets.
  • Multiple album creating options.
  • View pictures in locker vault as well.
  • Slideshow rotate and zoom pictures in Safevault mode.
  • Share your private pictures with whom you want.
  • Enhance your pictures security by giving individual album a password.
  • Stealth mode allow to disguise this app behind the icon of some other app. In this way no one would have idea that you are hiding something.


picture hides keep safe vault apk download free app

Info From Developer About This app for hiding pictures:

Size: 8 MB
Supported version : 4.0+
Developers: keepSafe
Installs: 50,000,000+
Version: Updated with respect to different devices.
Rating: 4.6/5.0 according to reviews.

Download Link Is available Here For Hide Pictures APK:

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