Method 2: How to hide photos in android phone without app | Simple Trick

How to Hide/Lock Photos In android:

Method 2-
Hiding secret and personal photos in android phone is now become necessary for any smart phone holder. Previously I have wrote first method about how to hide photos without using any app. Now I came up with another secret way to make your pictures hidden from others, without using any app. A lot of android applications are available on the Google for the purpose of hiding your photos, but some people are not happy with those apps. While some apps have good functions, on the other hand some apps have bugs. So you must have read the reviews before downloading them. Here we have collection of some of the locker apps there at our website, that do better function.

Method to Hide Photos:

First of all open the photo you want to hide, and change its extension. You can do this by simply renaming the photo and changing the file format. Usually pictures are in the extension of jpeg, png or some thing like that. You have to change it to any other name you like. For example you can name the file .anything.
Now save it and launch the gallery of images. You will be happy to see that your personal photo that you want to make locked are now not viewable there in gallery.
You can follow this method for every individual picture you want to hide. For bulk processing you can follow our previous post where I have described Method 1 for multiple images to hide.

Why Images With Changed Formats Are not viewable in Android Gallery:

The reason behind the trick is very simple. Our android Operating system work somewhat similar to UNIX Operating systems. So file having named with a dot in start is make hidden by default by the O.S

What Else You can Hide without using any app:

Following the trick above explained, one can also hide other multimedia files including audio, video, and any kind of photo. All you have to do is changing the format to a dot one. This will make your all multimedia files hidden. So you can hide photos and other mp3 and mp4 media with this method.

What different Apps do to Hide your Media Files:

Different applockers available at our blog and work under the same principle of changing the file format. This disguise the format of photos from mobile phone to detect it.  

Some suggested Apps you can try for the purpose:

Image Locker
Photo Locker
Some Suggestions
KeepSafe Vault
Go Locker
Secure Gallery App
Video Locker
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