Method 1: How to Hide Photos on android phone gallery without app

Are you tired of using apps for hiding your private photos on your android smart phone's gallery ?. If yes then I am sharing an amazing method for smart phones to hide their secret images from spying eyes without being under the notice of using apps or somewhat like that. Using locker apps is easy and handy but there are people who don't want to get engaged into different apps. Because there are some trust factors always there. Some apps hide your private photos and upload them to a online storage or some apps dont apply this technique. But there is also a bug in them. If you delete the app by chance, due to any problem, as like memory issue. 
Now, delete all those apps and read fully about the simple trick to lock or hide your images so that they won't appear in android gallery or your photo albums. 

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Requirements For hiding photos:

All that requires for the purpose of hiding precious pictures is just
1- File Explorer
2-Basic knowledge of creating new folder.
Note: Some smart phones don't have built-in file explorer. To overcome this problem you can easily download some alternatives like File expert, File manager, or Astro file manager. You can choose any one that suits you well. In my case I prefer Astro file Manager.

You can also try the method directly from your pc or laptop connected to your android device. Infact, with pc the method would be somewhat more easier, fast and dont requires the explorer app, that is headache for some mobile owners.

Step By Step Method To Hide Your Photos:

1- Open up the SD card or your memory location using any file manger or explorer as explained above.

2-Now, create a new folder there.

3-Name the folder anything but it should be starting with a dot ( . ).
Like  .new folder or .photos.

Dot has the main role there, so don't ever forget to put this in the start of folder name.
You must remember the name of the folder as it would be the vault where you have saved your hidden images.
4- Final step is to move all of your photos that you want to hide, into the new folder you have created there. For the instance we consider .photos. you must ensure that photos are moved there in folder name starting with a dot.
Now you have locked your images in a folder that no body knows, even the image gallery and photos album. So, by doing this you have saved your pictures.
you can make sure that the images are really hidden or not by visiting the gallery. There in the gallery you will luckily see no images as these are in a safe vault.

Last words:

Please give us feedback about the method we have shared and apply it to to your phones if you really want your photos to be away from prying eyes.
You must also try apps, for the purpose. Atleast you must know the use of them. Because there a lot of applockers on the google. One may click you. 

I have some of the suggestions there :

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