Method 3: how to hide pictures on android without photo hiding apps and rooting

Hide Pictures on Android without app & Rooting

People are searching a lot more tricks to hide there pictures and personal photos or wallpaper on android phone's gallery. But the searches on methods to hide without apps are even much higher, Thats the reason we are sharing different methods to solve the hows of the people regarding pictures.

Previously I have shared two methods to hide pictures without even an app.

1- First method can be applied to bulk pictures. link here

2- Second method can be applied on single pic. Link here

New Method to hide pics without using photo hiding app.

In this method I am sharing a trick, using which you can bulk hide or individually hide a picture without using photo lockers apps.
But you may need an app other then photo/image locker. That app is rar or winrar or any other app capable of compressing files and folder.
1- Install winrar / rar/ or any other tool like this in your android device.
2- Open up the app and compress all of your photos that you want to hide. You can perform this action in bulk.
3- Save the compressed file. 
4- Thats it......

Now your photos and pictures are safe and cant be seen in phone gallery or any other location there in albums or etc like that.
Note: No worries of you delete the app. Because the photos can be recovered any time.
Bonus : The plus point of the method lies here.That is you can have a password of your choice while compressing the photos. So no one can access the file other then you, That is the feature, which make it distinct from our previous two methods of hiding pictures without using photo lockers app.

Some suggested apps:

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