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Photo Passcode Lock screen app for android apk

Lock your Android apk Phone from others in a unique way using Photo Passcode Lock screen for android apk.Photo Passcode Lock screen is the number 1 rated app for android by the help of which your photos/gallery data can be protected from others.It allow you to set your lock screen with your name,photo and background.Photo Passcode will ask you to set a password pattern which will be require for any one to get access to gallery images/photos using android apk phone.Another feature added in Photo Passcode Lock screen app is that it allows you to set background image of lock pattern of desire choice.You can place any image as an background using Photo Passcode app for android.

Latest features added in Photo Passcode Lock screen android app

  • Allows you to load background image/photo from gallery
  • Latest HD Wallpapers
  • Allows you to set a passcode in order to get protect gallery photos/images
  • Give access to gallery only on the verification of Passcode
  • Allows you to write your name on the main screen of Passcode
  • Feature of Slide to Unlock is also been added
  • Photo Passcode Lock screen app memory size is low and it consumes less battery.
  • Can operate on android 2.3 and higher
  • Features like disabling Home Screen/Menu Button are also added in Photo Passcode Lock screen app so that nobody can open menu or home screen without your permission.


If photo passcode lock screen is giving double unlock screens then you should disable system screen lock from settings

Photo passcode lock Screen app for android apk has been tested on different android phones having different version and found to be working on all of them.


photo passcode lock screen android app

App Info:

Size : 4.9 MB

Require Android Version :  2.3 and up

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