Pic Lock- Hide Photos & Videos Apk Download Free For android Phone

Pic-Lock- Hide-apk
Pic Lock- Hide
This awesome combo app gives you opportunity to lock and hide your pics, and videos within one app. Protect your personal captions away from prying eyes. This apk app will lock pics, so that no body can look into your personal gallery. You can also save your videos from being exposed to every one holding your android mobile phone. 
Pic Lock apk makes sure that your private pictures and videos are not available to any body looking into your phone. Because some time it so happen that some one request your mobile, and you don't want to give him/her just because of insecurity. This insecurity is thrown away by the app that let you lock your whole gallery. This feature hides your images and videos clip also. It also save your pvt photos from being handed over to thief. chances of Stealing mobile for the sake of images and video will be reduced to greater extent. 

Features For Pic Lock- Hide app:

  • Easy lock images
  • Easy lock and hide videos
  • Quick PIN generation.
  • Bulk option enable, So that you can hide or reverse them in multiple options.
  • Playback for videos is instant.
  • Dont appear in recent app list.
  • You can see who tried to intervene into locked and hidden photos and videos.

How to use the Pic Lock To hide photos & videos:

There are two methods to do so.
1- Open the installed app. Then access the features by entering Pass Pin and Now select the pictures and videos to be hidden.
2- Open the image right from gallery and tab the share icon right at the place. Now there will be many options like bluetooth etc and you have to find pick lock app there. Just tab opn it and you have done your job.

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App General Info: 

Size : 3 MB
OS : Android 2.3 or higher.

Screenshots For photos & video Locker:

pick-lock-apk hide-photos-apk hide-videos-apk

Here IS Download Link For APk File:

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