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Description For Photo Vault Pro:

Private Photo Vault PRO
Hide your private photos and images in a vault, that no body have in their imagination. It act as a safe that is just your sole ownership. The safe will be only accessible to you. Or you may give its PASS to some one trustworthy. But its all upto you. This Vault pro provide topmost opportunity to hide pictures from being expose to any other who have just picked up your mobile phone. Some time one may take your mobile for some purpose and you just dont want to give in, just because of your private photos. But now with this stealth photo hiding pro app, you are tension free of your all images and pictures.
You can also lock your videos in the same locker vault as you have done with your photos. Now you can not only secure your private images but video also. That is under one pass and lock.

How to use app in Android:

Open up the app and make your account there by simple sign up steps.
You will have your PIN.
Now utilizing PIN open the folder there in app, already created for you.
Hide the pictures by clicking on them.
This will be your private gallery, you can access it with your PIN. SO don't ever forget this.

Features For Vault PRO APk:

Decoy password:
You may say this feature as a fake password. That is just for those people, you don't want to annoy them. It is a pseudo password that is alternatively be created in the options  available within the app. Once generated you can give it to any annoying person who is asking your vault password. It will not let them to see your actual private photos. Because those photos are under the layer of some other PIN that you have generated in your first sign up.
Email your photos right from vault.
You can change custom thumbnails for your album,
Easy import export to the actual image gallery.
All photo viewing features including rotatation, zooming,panning, slide show etc.
Lock All videos format in same vault.
View and play videos that are locked.
The app will not show up in recent app use. This will let you hide your activities.

Screenshots for the apk app:

private-photo vault-pro android-app free-download lockers

App Info :

size : 13 MB
Compatibility: Android 4.0 or plus
Category : Lockers
Download Lick Is available Here For Android Vault Pro:

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