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Sms Protect Plus app for android apk

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Sms Protect Plus is the latest android safety app which allow you to protect your messages/texts from others by applying a pin code.Keeping private sms from others always remained a big issue and for that purpose,many android applications were released but Sms Protect Plus free download among them is simple,best,light and easy to use.

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After installing sms protect plus apk free download,sms protect will ask you to set up a password/pin code pattern.Most probably that pin code pattern will be of having 4 digits.Another best feature added in sms protect plus android app is that in case some one is trying to take access to your sms and for that purpose,he is applying tries on sms protect plus android app then if your android apk mobile has got front camera,then it will automatically take the picture of that person and will save it to the gallery so you can came to get that who was trying to take access to your sms in your absence.

Automatic locking option is also available in sms protect plus app so you can set time for that and sms protect plus will be locked after that much time.In case you forgot to lock your sms,then sms protect plus automatic locker will lock it after that much time,which you had set there.

Features added in sms protect plus android apk

  • Free to download and install.
  • Capture and save the photo of one who had entered the wrong password of sms protect plus in gallery.
  • Take less size in hard disk and do not utilize much memory.
  • Easy to use.
  • Automatic locking option availability.

About Sms Protect Plus android apk


App Version:2.8

Required Android Version:2.2 or higher


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