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Description For Video Locker APP:

Have your personal videos away from others by simply hiding them with video locker application apk. Every android owner is afraid to possess his personal videos clip with security. You can lock your sensitive videos with this locker app. The application is suitable for android smart phones that possess galleries. One can only access the video, if he/she has a Password pin. The pin is easy to generate for you. Pick the pin of your choice and have it for hiding your precious possessions. Download Video media players and then secure them with locker apps.
We have shared a previous post for photo locker, messenger locker and screen lockers. Have a look at them and make your mobile fully secured away from prying eyes. You can protect all of your material inside the android mobile by installing different apps
Your videos will be locked with this app. If you want to watch the videos, then you must have to put your password pin there. Other wise you will not be able to access your hidden content. This security is impossible to be hacked or manipulated.

Features For This Android APP TO Hide Videos:

Move hidden videos to change location for better security. So cannot be find by any means.
Encrypted with built-in encryption system that can only access through PIN.
Will not be listed among the previous apps used list. This feature lead you sure in eye  of the other, that you have not done any thing to hide something from any body.
Automatically lock or exit on phone sleep. This automatic feature make your videos even more secure. Especially in case you have lost your mobile or have just forget to exit the app for a second.
One can easily lock the entire video folder, or any sub folder of the videos you want to be hidden from others.
Optimised for most of the android phones having video gallery.
Better PIN recovery options give you the opportunity to recover your password pin via recovery email system.
User friendly and easy to use app. You can easily hide and lock videos via simple steps.
Bulk operational features make it more easy to hide your desired content via bulk options.
Reverse the process by simply un-hiding the videos. You can do this via bulk option. 
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