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Description: Folder Lock APP:

Protect your files and media in the folder and have it password protected with locker apk app. This locker allows you to save your personal documents or any other media files like songs, videos, pictures, etc to be protected under the PIN or password of your choice. The app have a clean and neat interface that give user friendly experience to every one. You can hide and lock your folders with this simple folder locker, that is available to free download at the bottom of the page. This app is include in top ten for having best locker for files.

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Features: For android apk APP:

Protect your videos and photos with powerful password of your choice.
Hide your precious recording or any other audio files and media
Lock down your sensitive document using this android app.
Secure your private contacts.
Enabled wifi data transfer capability.
Builtin data recovery feature.
Enabled stealth mode.
Enabled decoy mode that will let you a fake id entrance just to show off.
It also have builtin secure browser that allows browsing at spy level and leave no cache or history. 

App info:

Size: 14 MB
Android required: 2.3 or higher


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