How to hide photos in android kitkat version without app | Version 4.4

kitkat hide pics

Method to hide photos in Kitkat

Hiding precious photos and media is the utmost need for now a days. Since, any body has some privacy to secure it. So why not protect it from being visible to other. 
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Todays method explained is especially for android kitkat users to hide their pictures from android gallery. This method won't need any app to install.

Step by step method to hide photos in android:

  • Open up the gallery, it will look like some albums as a default.
  • Here will be the Menu tab. Click on the tab and you will get some options.
  • Select all the images you want to make them hide.
  • After selection, tab the hide item option.
  • Thats it, now your images will be secured there in gallery without any use of android application.

Other Tips and Tricks:

Some suggested apps to hide your photos

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