How to hide text sms messages conversations in android phone

Learn how to hide text conversation in android using apps

Keeping your important text conversation hidden from others is very necessary so android developers keep on designing different android apps which help you to hide text conversation in android.In this article,we will tell you about best android text lockers which the help of them,you will be able to hide your text conversation from others in android.

Hide sms-Private Text Vault

Hide sms-private text vault is one of the most used android text conversation hidden app with the help of which you can completely safe/hide your android text,sms and text conversation.
hide sms-private text vault android app

Procedure to set hide sms-private text vault app

                                              hide text conversation in android

                                              sms hide-private text vault apk cover
                                               How to hide conversation in android
  • After selecting the conversation,Hide sms will ask you to set the pin code pattern which will be required every time in order to get access to your hidden conversation in android.
                                                    sms hide-private text vault cover
  • In this way,the pin code will be applied to all of your selected conversation in android and they will be hidden from others until and unless you apply the correct pass code pattern.
                          Download hide sms-private text vault app
Download photos and videos locker for android apk

Hide your text conversation in android using vault-hide sms & videos app

Download vault-hide sms & videos app

Procedure to hide your text conversation

  • Download and install vault-hide sms & videos app by clicking Download vault-hide sms & videos app
  • Select password pattern so that nobody except you can get access to your text conversation.
                                                   vault-hide sms & videos apk

  • Vault-Hide sms & videos app will ask you to add the conversation you to hide from others.
  • Add your conversation data(which you want to hide) by selecting messages option.
                                                    vault-hide sms & videos app

  • Your conversation will be added to that specific category of Vault-Hide SMS app for android and will be hidden from others.
                                                    How to hide text conversation in android

  • Again,if you had already hidden the data,then you can access that data by selecting that specific category.All the conversation of that category will be open and you can select conversation of your desire choice.
                                  Download vault-hide sms & videos android app

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