How to lock inbox in android phone | Hide your Text sms messages

Learn how to lock down your inbox in android phone

 Privacy is now a days one of the main issue of the mobile surfers.Keeping your android phone important text sms lock from your friends/relatives etc is very much important and necessary.Many android phone applications have been designed to lock inbox in android phone.In this article,we will be discussing major android apps with the help of them,you will be lock inbox in android phone.

Go Sms Pro

Go sms pro apk


Go sms pro is one of the best android lock inbox sms app.It can lock down your inbox android phone quickly and efficiently.For getting access to your text sms messages,you will be required a password in order to unlock it. Any received sms will not be open until and unless you apply the correct password pattern.For taking access to more features,you will have to buy premium version of go sms pro android phone app.Premium version of lock android phone app contain more features which will provide you maximum security to lock inbox in android phone easily and efficiently.
                                           Download go sms pro android app 

Hide Sms Android App

Hide sms android app apk
Hide Sms Android app has got its major purpose of locking inbox in android phone.You can lock inbox in android phone using hide sms android app for android phone.With the help of Hide sms android app,you can easily,efficiently and quickly lock your inbox from others.Whenever a new sms will arrive,you will receive a notification at the top of your android phone.Hide sms has made locking inbox in android phone easily and swiftly. 
                                Download hide sms android app from play store

 Sms locker app

Sms locker apk download
Sms locker app allows you to swiftly lock your inbox in android phone.Sms locker app set a password pattern lock to your android phone and any one who want to unlock inbox in your android phone will have to go through that password pattern.Sms locker app is simple,fluid,dynamic and easy to use.Lock your inbox in android phone using sms locker android app.
                                                   Download sms locker app 
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