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Message Locker app for android apk is one the best messages security and privacy application.Do your friends and relatives always demand for your cell phone?Or they barrow your cell phone for playing games etc and you have got secret message which you do not them to see then the best way to protect your text message from them is to install and run message locker app android apk. Message locker enable you to set a password pattern or pin code pattern to your apk free download android phone and will protect your messages from others.Another feature added in free download message locker apk is that you can also set a password pattern to your chat locker,email apps,texting apps etc.It will also protect your emails and other chats from others.Without applying the correct password pattern/pin code of message lock app apk,no one will be able to take access to your message/emails/texts.
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Features added in android message locker app

  • You can add a pin pattern to all your messages and email apps.
  • With the help of only one password pattern,you can lock multiple applications.
  • It will automatically detect all the texting/email/messaging apps on your android apk phone.
  • Easy,Fast and secure.
  • Password recovery can be done through email.
  • Can support many social apps like facebook,whatsapp etc.

Procedure to use Message locker app apk free download

  1. Create a new Password pattern/pin code.
  2. Select all the applications you want to apply that pin.
  3. And that is it.Message locker password pattern will be applied to all those apps and no one will be able to take access to them without matching the correct password pattern/pin code.

Message locker apk Password Recovery Using Email

In case you have lost your password,then message locker will take you to your registered email address.
You have to get account permissions for inserting your email id.

Screenshot for message locker app:

message locker app apk free download message locker app screen shots message locker android apk message locker free download android apk message locker android apk download 

About message Locker app apk

current version :1.3.7
Size require : 2MBM
Required android version:2,3 or higher

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