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Description: Photo Locker Pro App:

Photo locker pro app
Hide your photos in pro version of the locker app. This apk app allows you to hide your private images in enough security, so that cant be seen by any viewer. Using the app, you will get a pin or password, for accessing media hidden and locked behind the app. So, you must remember the password for the app. While it can be change any time from app settings.
Previously, we have share there an app for its previous version or you may say free version of photo locker free
While stealth mode is the wonderful feature for photo locker pro. With its stealth mode you can catch the one, who wanted to get entry. So be relax and grab the app to unveil the spy man trying to get entry into you photos that are locked.
In stealth mode, it will look like a calculator app. Any one having your phone by chance will get it as calculator app. While you can access the photos thorough calculator, just by putting your password there in the fields.
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Features: For Photo Locker APK

It will encrypt the images, so that it wont be moved as done by many other apps, that hide images and move them to some different location. While this app will not change the located path for the image. While it just encrypt the photos to be hidden.
It is user friendly app. Using the app is as easy as one two three. You can change password any time when you wish for that. Easy access to your hidden media options are really helpful for user.
Bulk processing is its another feature, which allows bulk selection of photos at a time. So hide or unhide hundreds of photos at a time.
Lock your photos by selection of whole of the folder. 
Zoom in and out options are available in viewing images in the photo locker pro app.
Flip and rotate the images as you want right from hidden options.
Will not appear in recently used app list.
Optimized interface for all android devices.
Unhide photos as easy as you have make them hidden.
Recovery of the PIN password is available, you can recover and change your password any time so that you won't loss your private photos with this app.
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Screenshots for the locker app:

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