Sms lock-Message Locker app for android apk free download

Sms lock-Message locker android app

sms lock message locker app
Free download the best android locker app sms lock with the help of which you can protect your sms/messages from others who keeps on barrow your android apk cell phone.Sms lock app is the best android app.Its a common problem that people friends keep on asking for their android apk cell phone for playing games or using any other app and if you have got your private sms/messages,then the best way for you to keep your messages save from them is to use sms lock-message locker android app for free.

With the help of sms lock-message locker,you can not only hide your sms/message/draft/sent messages from others but you can also hide your important applications,emails too like facebook,yahoo,gmail mails,whatsapp etc.Sms lock free download android apk is best for hiding your sms/mails from others.

Procedure to use Sms lock android app

  • After installing the application,you will have to set password for sms lock-message locker android app.
  • Select the apps which you want to hide from others like select messaging app/facebook/whatsapp etc.
  • The sms lock-message locker app will be start for your android apk phone free download. Every time,you want to take access to your messages/facebook etc,then you will have to enter the password so that you can take access to your desire hidden app and no one other will be able to take access to your apk free download apps.

About Sms lock-message locker android app

Current Version:1.5
Required Android Version:Android 2.3 or Higher

Screenshots for the locker app (apk):

sms lock-message locker android app cover sms lock-message locker android app screen shots sms lock android app cover

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