Top 10 text sms messages applications for android Phone | List 10

Top 10 text sms messages apps for android

 Though online text sms apps like whatsapp,snapchat etc are in a great demand yet one can not relay on these text sms messages apps without having android text sms messages apps.Android text sms messages apps remain one the best text sms apps to send and receive texts,sms even in the presence of online sms apps but the problem appears to be is that most of the android text sms messages apps are lacking the major features and the layout and theme is not that much decorated as it is to be so the article presented here will explain the best 10 text sms messages apps for android that will cover your problem.
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1.Chomp sms

chomp sms messaging app android app
Chomp sms app for android is one of the leading sms messages android app which contains hundred of themes to personalize in order to test sms,text app.Chomb sms contains some of the major text messages features like sms sending,sms receiving,group sms,delay sms,highlighting the favorite conversation at the top,blocking unwanted text sms as well as sending quick sms to any one.

2.Textra sms

Textra sms android message app is one of the best app while dealing with offering the features offered.Textra sms is fast,small in size,beautifully designed and app that does not have any bloatware.The size of textra sms is about 3MB.

3.Go Sms Pro

Go sms pro text sms message app for android has got alot of customization options,themes as well as stickers which are updated on the daily base.Go sms pro has got some special features like private conversation,free online conversation as well as quick reply option.
Another major feature added in go sms pro text message app is that you can block any unwanted message.Go sms pro also work with dual sims android phones and has got seperate sms slot for both sims which makes go sms pro text messages android app unique among another android messages apps.

4.Handcent sms


Handcent sms android app has got hundred of major text sms features with latest updates.One of the major feature added in handcent sms app is that you can send unlimited sms online to your friends who have also got handcent sms app.The backup option for your text sms messages has also been designed in handcent sms android app,so if incase your private text sms messages are lost,then you can recover them using handcent sms android app.This app has also got anothe feature to hide your text sms from others to whom you do not to show your text sms messages. You can restrict them using a private password.MMS feature has been added in handcent sms android app.

5.Quick Text Messenger

Quick text messenger allow you to send text sms by its simple but dynamic fluid layout.Quick Text Messenger android app has got special features like group chat,Automatic night mode,quick replying feature and also dynamic themes.

6.Hello sms

Hello sms text sms messages app for android is somewhat different from other android messages app.The inbox designed makes it easy,simple and comfortable
for us in order to switch between different mode of conversation.Hello sms provides those a way who wants to send sms/mms fast.As far as the graphics designing features are concerned,hello sms lacks some of the major features in its layout but its simple,dynamic and fluid layout makes it possible to overcome those difficulties.

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7.Google messenger

Mostly people have got no idea about google messenger android messaging app.Google messenger has got pleasant and dynamic user interface.
Google messenger does not offer numerous number of features like other text sms messages android app but it has got its major focus on the basic functionality.The best feature added in google messenger is that with the help of google messenger,we can send sms/MMS messages media files to all of friends seperately as well as in a group.Like other text sms messages apps,google messenger also supports blocking some one messages,which you do not to receive.

8.WiVi Sms

Wivi sms messaging app is a great text sms app for android but it had greatly suffered due to its performance system which had resulted in decreasing its ranking.Wivi sms is best for sending as well as receiving messaging media.Online chatting feature has also been added in wivi sms text sms messaging app.

9.Now sms


Now sms is simple but fastest android text sms app which could be made better by adding more layouts and more features.Currently now sms messaging android app is supporting Emoji icon,Sms,MMs and another feature of led color changes.Premium version of Now sms contains more features yet free version has also got a lot of features.There is a point of betterment in features for now sms text sms messaging android app.


Evolvesms is one of the best paid text android messaging app.Evolvesms is simple,fluid,dynamic and free to use.Evolvesms Evolvesms supports groups sms,lock screen protection feature,protection password,.Evolvesms is supporting alot of features in its free version but most of dynamic feature are locked and require premium version of Evolvesms android messaging app.
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