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app-lock-app-logoApp lock apk is the free android app which allows you to hide your text sms messages,locking your inbox.App lock allows you to lock your inbox so that your messages and private conversation remained away from others.App lock apk android free download allows you to provide security to your android phone.With the help of app lock apk,you can hide your messages,installed apps,lock system User Interface,lock Incoming calls and  can lock many personal settings. This android app is widely used to get many benefits like locking inbox,locking photos,locking installed applications or blocking incoming calls.Free download app lock apk android. It is one of the common problem for many android users that they have got important data & they want no body else to see that data but they could not find any appropriate app to do so. Also many people always gaze an eye on your text messages. In this regard, this app is best to use as it will enhance your phone security. Now, you will not have to worry about your important information, documents, apps, gallery images, videos, as they all will be locked under a strong password.

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Features added in App lock apk 

  • -You can lock your text/sms/messages under a strong password. You can either use digits password or pattern lock. Both are best way to secure your data.
  • -It can lock your installed apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, Gmail, etc. No body could be able to access your personal Whatsapp conversation.
  • -Set pattern lock to protect messages and installed apps.
  • -You can lock your Android system User Interface.
  • -Best feature, it will allow you to block all the unwanted calls, messages, of those contacts which are making you annoy by continuously making calls or sending texts.
  • -You can also lock your important Contacts under a password too. These contacts will not be shown to anyone until & unless he applies the correct password pattern.
  • -Password pattern is dynamic. You can change it at any time.
  • -User Interface designed is Simple, dynamic, fluid, & User Friendly. Also it consume less memory & battery.
  • -You can also set different Wallpapers to beautify your Home Screen.

    Screenshots For the app:

    apk-lock apk-app-free-download for-android app-lock-wallpapers

    Additional Information about this app:

    Size: 2.43 MB
    Current Version: 1.8
    Required Android Version: 2.2 or higher

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