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Chat lock apk free download

Chat lock apk is the android app which helps you to protect your messages/private conversation from others.Have you ever felt worried while giving your android apk phone to some one that he might not go through your text/sms/messages or your private conversation.If Yes,then chat lock apk is the best android phone application which will resolve your problem by locking your inbox/text conversation by using PIN code.Chat lock apk free download can not only lock messages of your android phone inbox but it can also lock text/sms from facebook,whatsapp,Twitter,Instagram and from many other major messaging applications.Once you locked your text messages using chat lock apk free download,then you can only open them by applying the correct PIN code/correct lock pattern.Chat lock apk is simple and easy to use.

Features of chat lock apk

  • Best apk app to lock messaging applications
  • Can also protect photos of your android apk phone
  • Password can protect uninstall of that android app.
  • Can protect videos

Additional Information

Current Version:1.8
Required Android Version:2.3 or higher

Screenshots for android app:

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