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Description: Kiosk Browser LockDown:

Lock access of end user with this android friendly app. This app will allow kiosk browser to give access to only some webpages and you will have secured remaining data. Use the app for secure and protected browsing. Download the lockdown apk file at the bottom of the page.

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Default setting for the android app:

0000 is the default browser. Use it whenever it asks you first time login or pin

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How to exit: A prob for many user of kiosk browser lockdown APP:

Press the default exit button of the android mobile phone or alternatively click four time on the webpage, there will be setting options in front of you. Now choose the option of exit. Thats it !

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Features: For Lock Down APk

Your settings will be protected under your desired password.
If you make it default luncher, it will not exit making it mobile friendly.
Smooth pages reload interface.
You have full control on browser cookies, caches and history as well.
And many much more setting options.
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Screenshots For this app : Locker

kiosk-lockdown browser-apk free-android-locker download-directly lock-your-everything

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