Message Sms locker apk free & direct download app for android device

 Message Sms locker apk free & direct download

  Android developers keep on developing new and new apk application in order to protect your sms/text/messages from others.One of the best sms locker application among them is message sms locker free & direct download.This app will secure your sms/messages/messaging apps from others by applying a pin code at the front end.So no body will be able to access your messaging conversation without accessing the correct pin code password.Nowadays,there are many messaging/texting apk applications and you might have got some important text/sms/messages among apk messaging apps which you do not want others to access so message sms locker apk free download is best apk app to protect your conversation from others using a pin code password at the front end of your text/sms/messaging apps.You can lock numerous number of messaging app using message sms locker like facebook,twitter,viber,whatsapp and many more messaging apps.
Another important feature present in message sms locker apk is that you will have to provide your email address and in case you have forgotten your message sms locker pin code then it will help you to access your pin code by using your email address.

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Features added in message sms locker apk

  •  Can add pin code password or lock pattern to protect your messages
  • With one pin code password,you will be able to lock multiple of apps.
  • Keep your messages safe from others
  • Can recover your password in case of lost
  • Feature of automatically detecting the messaging apps in your apk phone
  • Can secure multiple of messaging apps on apk phone using message sms locker
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Additional Information

Current version:1.0
Required Android version:2.3 or higher

Screenshots for the app:

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