Messenger locker-Chat lock apk free & direct download for android phones

Messenger locker-chat lock apk free download

Messenger locker-Chat lock apk is the android app which allows you to hide/protect your personal private text/sms/messages from others using a lock pattern.Not only messages,you can also lock you conversations of whatsapp,facebook or any other conversation using messenger locker-chat lock apk for free.Every time,you want to take access to your text/sms or your private conversations,then you will have to apply the correct unlock pattern.Messenger lock-chat lock apk is free to download and is easy to use and is best app to protect your conversations from others.Messenger locker-chat lock apk file can be downloaded from play store as well as direct download link has also been give.Enjoy safety of your text/sms/conversation using messenger locker-chat lock android apk free download.

Features of messenger locker-chat lock apk

  • Messenger locker is free to download.
  • You can either use a pincode or lock pattern in order to protect your text conversation from others.
  • Can use your own device wallpapers.

Additional information

Current version:1.8
Required Android Version:3.0 or higher

Screenshots for the apk app:


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