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Safe Sms apk app free download

Safe Sms apk allow you to send and receive private sms to any one and secure private text/sms from others by using a pin code.Now adays,privacy of your text/messages from others is a very important issue and for the very that purpose,Android developers keep on developing new and new message locking apps to keep your private conversation safe and sound from others and one of the best app among them is safe sms apk. For keeping your text/sms private from others using safe sms apk,all you have to do is to add the contacts to the list of safe sms app.All the conversations related to those contacts will be hidden under a pin code and only you will be able to take access to that conversation by applying the correct password pattern.Safe sms is best free apk app for those who have got smart phones and have got more sms privacy issue.Now,with the help of safe sms android app,there will be no issue for you if somebody bought your mobile for any purpose because all of your private sms conversation will be hidden under a password.The free download safe sms apk app is best for locking your sms/conversation/messages in android phone.

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Procedure to Use Safe Sms Apk

  1. Download and Install Safe Sms app.
  2. Setup the password.
  3. Select the contacts which conversation you want to hide from others.
  4. Safe Sms apk will be activated and no one will be able to access your private conversation without applying the correct password.

Features of Same Sms Apk

  1. Had integrated the PhoneBook.
  2. Protect your sms using a password
  3. Can access text/sms/messages only by applying the correct password.
  4. Add as well as delete contact/sms from list
  5. False alerts for incoming messages
  6. Secure your conversation
  7. Support multiple languages


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