Hide My Sms apk app free & direct downlaod for android

hide my sms apk cover
hide my sms apk cover
Keeping your private android text/sms safe and secure from others is the most important thing to do and for that purpose,many android sms lockers have been designed by developers.One among them is Hide My Sms app.Hide My Sms is one of the best android messaging hiding app which not only hide/lock your messages from others but it also allow you to perform some multiple tasks including sharing your text/messages on social media,turning off the notifications,sending and receiving of sms.In short,Hide My Sms apk app can perform all those tasks which a normal messenger locker-chat lock can do.Free download Hide My Sms app is best for business people too.The file size for Hide My Size is 569KB which will not utilize as much memory so it will simply lock your android phone without slowing down mobile speed.You can download hide my sms apk app free as well direct download.

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How Does Hide Sms Work

  1. Install Hide my sms and Tap one the Sms which you want to hide.If you want to make your locked sms visible,then you will just have to Tap on that Sms and that sms will be visible in your Inbox.  
  2. Tap all those Sms which you want to Hide from others.Only leave those Text/Sms which you want to remain visible in your android apk phone.
  3. The Tapped Messages will be hidden from Inbox and the reader will see it as Blank Sms.

New Features of Hide My Sms

  1.  Send & Receive Sms
  2. Secure Text/sms/messages.
  3. Hide Sms from others
  4. Can share Text/messages on social media like facebook/twitter.
  5. Has got iphone theme Chat Bubble
  6. Works on all smart phones,

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 Additional Information About Hide My Sms

  • Size:569KB
  • Required Android Version:2.1 or higher
  • Current Version:1.9.2
  • Updated:23 July,2013

Screenshots for hide my sms apk app:

Hide my sms apk app free download for android latest version for android hide my sms latest version 

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