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Hide my text apk app cover
Hide my text-invisible app cover
Hide My Text is one of the best Android kitkat Message Locker app which hide your text/sms from others by using a password.With hide text app,you can block unwanted messages as well as calls.After Installation,hide text become invisible so one can search for invisible app.You will have to set password in order to execute the text protection. Hide invisible app allows you to check that how many time,unsuccessful tries have been made in order to get access to your android apk phone.The latest version of hide app allows you to add unlimited of contacts/messages to hide from others.However in this version,you can only hide 5 contacts text/messages & 5 contacts call logs.

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Features of Hide My text-invisible apk app 

  • -Hide Calls/text/sms/messages for 5 contacts in this version.
  • -Can hide unlimited number of contacts for latest version.
  • -Hide invisible text app is totally invisible & no one can search for it.
  • -Will ask for password every time in order to give access to the hidden text/calls.
  • -Choose text thread color of own choice.
  • -Can change password or home scree shortcut at any time.
  • -This version does not support hiding of unlimited sms/text.For that you will have to buy full version of Hide text apk.

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Additional Information About Hide text Invisible app

Apk file Size:16MB
Current Version:2.6.02
Required Android Version:4.0 or higher  

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