Mood Finger Scanner (Detector) apk app direct download for Android

This is just nothing more then a fun app, that pranks to check mood just by finger scan. The app will act like to detect your mood, and screen will pass a light like a scanner. It will show some sort of your mood, that you may disagree. This app is to prank other or just for fun. you can download the apk app in your android device and see how it works. This app is compatible with android devices of version 2.3 or above. Download this app by two ways from out website. Either play store or direct download it in you pc or mobile phones

Features: Mood finger Scanner ( Detector ) Apk app Download

- Easy to use app.
- Have Wonderful interface.
- Just an entertainment app for scanning purpose.
- Supports different foreign languages.

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App Info : 

Size : 2.3 MB

Require Android Version :  2,3 or above

Downloading Link Of Mood Finger Scanner Is Here

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