Private Sms apk app free & direct download latest version for android

private sms apk cover
private sms apk cover
Keep all your private text/sms private & secure from others using private sms android app.It allows you to secure your secret messages using a password which will be required in order to open the messages.Private sms provides the best way to secure to your messages.All you have to do is to download and install apk app and then add those contacts numbers in app whom messages you do not want others to see.All the texts from that numbers will directly go to private app rather going to inbox.You will also get a notification from latest version of android app every time when you received sms.There will be no indication of sms from those contacts in the inbox.The best thing about private sms is that this apk use your own message provider.

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Latest features added in private sms apk

  • Use own message provider in android apk phone.
  • No indication of sms receipt in inbox.
  • Multiple delete option has been added in latest version this free app which was missing in previous versions.
  • Can get backup of conversation in private sms latest version.
  • Can export conversation to SD Card.

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private-sms apk-app free-&-direct-download latest-version-for-android

Additional Information About Private Sms apk app

Size:561 KB
Current Version:2.2
Required Android Version:2.2 or higher 

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