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Private Messaging app provides you private texting,phone calls & safe sharing of media(images/videos).It protects your personal contacts,messaging,notes & personal passwords from others who keep an eye on your private text/messages and other your personal data.You can hide any of your important document file.I also allows you to hide your phone number while making a call to someone.It allows the encryption of phones & messages,so that no one can take access to your phones & calls.

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Features of Private Text Messaging apk 

  • You can send destructing sms.
  • Can recall sent messages.
  • Allow you safe sharing of media(Images/videos etc).
  • Acts like a photo vault & protect your images/videos from others.
  • Acts like a sms vault & protect your personal messages from others.
  • Acts like Private Vault for your documents/notes.

Protecting your Private Messages

   Private Text Messaging allows you to protect your important text/messages from others.It immediately tells you whenever your messages has been read by recipient so that you can delete that messages.If you have send text/messages or photo to someone mistakenly,then you can use free private app to delete that media in recipient phone.Private Messaging allows you to send a remote wipe instruction to remove that media.Android app can automatically delete the receipt messages after you have read it.

Encryption of Phone Calls 

Regular phones calls can be intercepted without your knowledge.To secure that,private text app allows you encryption of Phone Calls.While making a call,or sending messages to some one,your media will be encrypted & no nobody will be able to intercept that encrypted media.

As a Private Vault  

 Private messaging apk acts like a private vault for your android phone.It ensures safety of your messages/sms/videos/contacts/documents & much more.

 Additional Features

  • Will need Password to access messaging apk app. 
  • Can import photos from gallery.
  • Allows Safe sharing of media.
  • Hide Photos/pictures/videos behind a password.
  • Secure private documents.
  • Message & Call encryption.
  • Secure group conversation. 

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private text messaging & calls apk app free & direct download for android latest version private messaging apk

Additional Information About Private text messaging apk app

  • Size:33MB
  • Current version:2.5.1
  • Required Android Version:2.3 or higher

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