Signal Private Messenger apk app free & direct download for android

Signal private messenger logo
Signal private messenger logo
Android message lockers allow you to secure your text/sms from others using a pin code or pattern lock password.Many best message locking apps have been added to applockers & one best app among them is Signal Private Messenger.With Signal Private Messenger app,you can chat with your friends in real time & can share media & pictures with 100 % privacy.Any of your data will not be stored in the server nor server has got any access to your data.


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Features of Signal Messenger app

  • Signal messenger app use end to end encryption protocol that provide privacy to every message.
  • Signal app is open source & is free to download.
  • Signal apk is one of the best messenger hiding app which use encryption protocol in order to secure your text/messages.
  •  Signal private will use your own mobile number.There is no separate login,usernames or passwords.
  • Private messenger allows you to create encrypted groups so that you can chat with all of your friends & no one can take access to your private conversation.This server of apk app will never have access to your private conversation data.
  • You can make calls to your friends using signals messenger.
  • This Android app has currently got no compatibility with tablets.

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Screenshot for signal private messenger app:

Signal private messenger apk app free & direct download android app latest version signal apk app

Additional Information about Signals Private Messenger Apk

  • Size:15MB
  • Current Version:1.9.1
  • Required Android Version:2.3 or higher

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