Lock Screen Slider Apk Download android App Latest version

Lock Screen Slider Apk
Slide up to unlock your screen of android smart phone. Download apk app and enjoy having locked with screen latest version. Install the app for locking up the stand by phone and see a wonderful interface at front of yours. Just touch it and slide it to one side and then see it unlocking.
Try the app and then give us feedback about how this screen locker or slider looks to you.
This is a beautiful looking android screen locker, adding to this, it is an easy to use and handy app that can be served to all smart phones. After trying screen locker android games are also meant to be downloaded, like parkour games supported in all android versions.

Features: For Lock screen Slider Apk:

  1. Easy to use app.
  2. Wonderful and beautiful looking graphic interface.
  3. Cool Looking Screen locker acting as slider for smart phones.
  4. Choose multiple backgrounds as customizable functions.
  5. You have option for displaying clock at screen.


lock screen slider apk download anroid app latest version by applockers.com

Apk Info: Read Before downloading:

Size: 7.2 Mbs
Version: 2.3 or higher version of android required

Download Lock Screen Slider Apk From Here :

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