CM security antivirus applock apk latest version App Direct Download

CM security antivirus applock
With CM security antivirus applock apk, you can lock whatever you want within your android. This app is free to download.
You can lock all social media apps with this strong applocker that will not let any intruder gain entry into your personal profiles. You can also use its feature over all the other apps of android. As like contacts or call logs. You can lock and hide your all of messages with this CM security.

Features for CM security Antivirus Applock:

  • This is very useful app for privacy and security purposes of android.
  • CM security app can lock all of android apps.
  • It also allows password to be as finger print. This feature is enabled, where it is compatible as like Samsung s 5.
  • You can browse all of your searches in private mode and can hide all of history and other data related to that.
  • Going one step ahead, you can better have a look at wifi security with this antivirus app.   
  • It offers multi layer protection that cant be beaten up by any theft. 


CM security antivirus applock apk download

Apk Info, read before downloading:

Size: Varies
Android required: Varies with different android devices

Download CM security antivirus applock From Here

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