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Lock screen password Apk
Download lock screen password app apk here. This is a lock screen app that secure your android smart phone. You can make any password or pin at your screen locker. OR you can also set a manual pattern for it. Just grab the app and then see how easy it is to secure you android just by installing one android locker.
You can also set a custom wallpaper for screen locker. Just pick a pic and then set it for your screen. This is android locker that gives your android smart phone a look of iPhone.

Features: Lock Screen Password apk:

  • Customize any wallpaper of your choice.
  • Easy to download apk app and to set a password over it as pattern or password.
  • It wil slide to unlock android screen.
  • Application is simple and easy to use, just install and use on the go.


lock screen password apk download

Apk Info: Read before downloading:

Size: 6.3 Mb
Version: 3.0 or some higher version of android is required.

Downloading Link Of Lock Screen Password Is Here

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