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Screen Off and Lock Apk
Download Screen Off & Lock app Apk with latest version. This android application will allow you make your screen looked off whenever you want to do it. Just click on the widget available every where and it will make it off. This is like a launcher short cut that makes your android look very much smooth and easy to use. Just install the app, and grab it into your android phone. It is like a notification that notifies you whenever you want to make your screen switched off.

Features: For screen Off & lock Apk:

  • It is like a launcher short cut that make easiness in usage.
  • At off screen the locker allows animation that looks great.
  • Allows you to opt whether to vibrate or not at switching off lock screen.
  • It also has a search button to look into your phone.


screen off and lock apk android

Apk info: Read it before downloading:

Size: 492 kbs
Version: 2.2 or higher android verson is required for the app.

Download Screen Off and Lock Apk From Here :

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