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Download a perfect app lock for your android device that will protect all of your apps with a password or pin or pattern of your choice. Grab it and install it on your android device. You can also customize screen being locked, so that it can be as attractive as you want it to be. It prevents unwanted rotation that irritates while launching many android apps.
Perfect AppLock(App Protector) app apk
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Using the applocker you can lock any of the app including social media app or any other app as like android games under password or pattern of your choice.
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Features for Perfect AppLock(App Protector) Apk:

Lock any app with same password or pattern.
Lock any game app.
Lock your social media apps to secure your profiles.
Manage locked screen as you want.
It is the perfect locker for protecting android app.
It also allows remote control via sms, so that you can send commands via text messaging.

Screenshots for the android app perfect applock:

Perfect AppLock(App Protector) Apk Perfect AppLock apk App Protector apk applock android

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