Messenger and Chat Lock apk download for Android latest version

Enhance your private chat security using Messenger and chat lock apk app. Do you want to keep your important conversation/messages secure & private from others? If yes, then Messenger & chat lock is one of the best message locker android app which keeps all the conversation conversation locked under a complex password. It not only hides chat & messengers but it can also folders, videos etc. In short, it acts like all in one app locker for android phone. It also allows you to lock your personal messages/sms/photos/images under a strong password. No body will be allow to access the locked data without applying the correct password pattern. It has got different other features like it allows you to recover your password by clicking on Forgot password. They will send you the password to your registered Email address.

Features: Added in Messenger and Chat lock Apk

  • Lock all of your important data under a strong password.
  • Messenger lock is all in one best android message locker.
  • It works perfectly on all android version.
  • In case, you have lost password, you can still recover it.
  • Decorates the background theme & wallpaper.
  • Can set different passwords for different files. For example, you can set separate password for locking messages & images too.

Procedure: To set password

  • Download & install messenger & chat lock app.
  • Open app & set 4-digit password.
  • Now set your email address,(In case, you have lost password, your password will be sent to your registered email address when you click on Forgot Password).
  • Now select the data you want to be locked.


messenger-and-chat-lock-apk free-and-direct-download for-android latest-version

Additional Information About Android app:

  • Size:  6.7 MB
  • Current Version: 1.3
  • Required Android Version: 2.3 or higher

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