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Download & install secret text app for android apk & secure your private messages/sms using one of the best sms locker app. This is one of the best encryption, decryption text/messages app with the help of which the private messaging conversation can only be read by those who have got the common password. Using secret text app, you will have to select a common password while sending sms to any one. The messages will then be encrypted & at reception, the other one should apply the correct password pattern in order to perform the decryption of private data. You can only encrypt image using this app & then can share it on social media. No body will be able to perform the decryption of that app.

Features: added in Secret text App 

  • Best app to perform encryption of messages.
  • Secure your private data by encrypting in under a password.
  • Secret text is simple, dynamic & easy to use.
  • Acts like best Message locker to enhance the security of your private conversation.

Procedure: To use Secret text Messenger

  • Download, Install & run this app.
  • Now add the contact.
  • Click on the contact in order to see the conversation box.
  • The button present at top is the indicator. If it it white, then the message has been sent & seen and decryption has been performed else if it is blue, then that's mean that message has been sent but its decryption has not been performed yet.


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