How to unlock the android phone with a google account

how to unlock the android phone with a google account

There are dozens of proven methods to unlock your Android smartphone if the password is forgotten accidently by the user. Android is the most successful Operating system right now in Smartphones, the reason of it being a King in the jungle is none else than its user-friendly interface and infinite options to customize and play around and even customize the features of the phone. In latest Android OS versions, the security updates are getting tighter to prevent theft or privacy breach and to provide a safe and secure experience to the sure right away. In Android 5.0 and above, a lot has been changing i.e. the software and OS algorithm, security, and restriction on customizing the phone. Still, Android always came with a backup plan even with the tightest security updates. Android users can always reset forgotten passwords with the help of added Google Security online. Here are few backup plans provided on How to Unlock Android phone with Google Account without going blackhat. 
Unlock any Samsung smartphone using 3 simplest methods

Using Synced Google Account
The method is easiest and recommended for all. All you have to do is to tap on the forgotten password popup or notification on your lock screen. It opens up a new UI that asks the user to enter the essential security details of your Google Account that include:
Google Username/Email address
Google Password
Sign In, and you are all good to reset your forgotten password and enjoy using Android the way it was before without deletion of any files or settings on your phone. The method is quite outdated now as it does not work with the latest Android versions. Try this as the first option, if that doesn’t work for you, skip to the next step. 
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Using Android Debug Bridge Technique (For Unrooted Devices)
1)- Recovering the lost Android Authority with the help of the scientific but subtle method of ADB is one of the best nowadays. Feel like an android programmer by jumping to 1s and 0s of Java programming. 
2)- Install the Android SDK tools that accept Android Debugging Commands on your PC or Laptop and run it. 
3)- In Android SDK tools, select the “Platform Tools” option and click the “Command Prompt” interface. A Windows command prompt will appear that will allow customizing the Android settings real-time. 
4)- Enable USB debugging after your Android is connected and then install Android SDK tools. 
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