How To Unlock Android Phone Carrier - Step By Step Method

Most of the smart phones nowadays that are part of the user & carrier agreement are usually carrier locked, it means that only the particular SIM card could be used on the Android smartphone. For most of us and especially travelers, one SIM and one carrier strategy do not work at all. Most of the Android users need to use different SIM cards occasionally or permanently on their smartphones. So, how to unlock Android phone carrier and use all the SIM cards on the same phone? There are solutions, some are free of cost, some cost a little fortune not more than 30 USD. Some require time and money to do the job manually. To remove the carrier lock and to use all the networks on the same carrier. Explaining only one of the methods that are free and tested worldwide as the safest and easiest way to unlock your way out is Dr. Fone Android SIM unlock method.
how to unlock android phone carrier

The step-by-step method of how to unlock android phone carrier on your device using Dr. Fone PC Software is provided below:
Browse for the software on the internet. If you are looking for a lasting way out for multiple Android devices, it is recommended to buy the software with a 7-day official money back guarantee. There are three paid packages. Dr.fone toolkit with one-year subscription cost around 15 USD, the lifetime license will cost around $20. For premium users and professional unlockers, it is recommended to buy dr.fone toolkit Android Suite Lifetime license for no more than $120.
For free users, install the trial version with limited features on your PC and select Android SIM Unlock from the More Tools selection.
After the selection, make sure that your Android device is connected to the PC via USB Cable. For Samsung users, the Android device must be rooted to complete the process.
After making sure that the device is connected and all the data is ready to be synced with the computer, click on the Android SIM Unlock button. A process will start to unlock the device automatically.
After few minutes, the system will complete, and it will restart the Android smartphone automatically. After the restart, the smartphone is carrier unlocked. Now you can use any network connection and SIM card on the device. The system requires only 5 minutes to complete.

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