3 Simplest Methods to Unlock any Samsung Smartphone

Unlock Samsung Password
Samsung is world’s largest selling smartphone brand, out of every 10 smartphone users, 5 of them are most probably Samsung fans. So what if you are a Samsung customer and your Samsung smartphone is locked? There’s nothing to worry about forgetting Samsung password, pin, pattern, or fingerprint, there are more than one proven methods and tricks to unlock Samsung password easily.
Find My Mobile
First of all, try online password recovery method provided by Samsung to its smartphone users called “Find My Mobile Method”. It is an easy process and a legal one made for Samsung users to unlock their forgotten passwords or unlock codes.
Pre-reqs: you need to have a Samsung account before applying for the method and a working internet connection on the phone.
How It’s Done:
·         Log in to your Samsung account from another Smartphone or PC.
·         Find the “Unlock My Screen” tab from the main menu.
·         Now click the button that says, “Unlock, ” and it will successfully open once the Bluetick appears below the Unlock button.
Dr. fone Tool
Dr. Fone is a freeware for one-time use, and it only takes around 6 minutes to remove the forgotten password successfully. It works on all Android smartphones, it also unlocks Samsung password.
Pre-reqs: you need to have USB debugging feature enabled on your smartphone to execute the operation successfully. You can unlock any kind of lock screen, i.e. code, pattern, pin, or fingerprint.
How It’s Done:
·         Download and install dr. Fone on your PC, now choose “Android Lock Screen Removal” from the menu that says, “More Tools.”
·         After clicking on “More Tools,” connect your Samsung smartphone to the Laptop/PC and then click on the “Start” button.
·         After pressing start, turn off your device and turn it back on this time pressing the power button and volume up, down buttons simultaneously to enter the Download Mode.
·         A recovery package will be downloaded to the locked device in download mode. Once the package is downloaded, it will unlock the device. Now, turn on your device without any password or fingerprint.
The ADB Trick
ADB formula is among the top 3 methods to unlock your Samsung or any Android phone quickly.
Pre-reqs: you need to have USB debugging enabled on the smartphone o successfully unlock the device password.
How It’s Done:
·         Connect Samsung Phone to PC/Laptop and connect through USB debugging.
·         In the ADB directory, open the system command prompt and write the following command:
·         ADB shell rm /data/system/gesture.key.

·         Press Enter and restart your Samsung device, once it is restarted, there will be no password restriction on your Samsung phone. It is obligatory to set new passcode or fingerprint before the device is restarted again. 

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