How to Unlock android Phone without Losing data

how to unlock android phone without losing data

How to unlock android phone without losing data

Losing data and settings of your Android phone must be a silly thing in case you forgot the password and ultimately have to reset hard to get full control of your smartphone again. If you are looking for how to unlock android phone without losing data, you landed at the right place. The method is valid for all Android versions i.e. above Android 5.0 Lollipop and hardly takes 15 minutes to execute the operation. Also, all the settings and installed apps will remain on the device along with all the saved information/texts/saved emails, etc.
Follow the simple steps and get your device unlocked with the easiest way. 
-Turn off your smartphone and turn it on again after few seconds.
-After the device is restarted and the company logo starts flashing, repeatedly press the home button that is physically present on your phone. You have to press the physical power on buttonon the smartphone continuously to get it right.
-After pressing the power on button several times, your password user interface will appear, quickly tap the home screen tab and it will take you to the home screen bypassing the password, pattern, or pin code screen.
-Quickly go to settings and go to accounts and sync window and then wash out all your passwords and settings from the Accounts and Sync settings.
-After resetting your passwords and settings, press the power on and off button continuously, and it will take you to the Google account sign-in interface. Enter your Google account username and password to finally bypass the phone password. You can now draw thenew pattern and enjoy using your Android phone without factory reset or any external software. 

Alternative Method:

If it doesn’t work, there is always achoice provided by Android to reset all your settings and data to remove password, pattern, or pin code. Here is a step by step method of how to reset your password by factory reset method.
Turn off your Android phone by pressing the physical power off button. Restart the device by pressing power on button, volume up and volume down key.
It will take the user to the factory reset interface, scroll up and down to enter the reset mode.
Delete all the data and press ok to finally perform the job. An android logo will appear for few minutes. It will eventually wipe all the data and settings from your phone. 

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