How to Unlock Android Phone without Google Account

3 Ways to Unlock Android Phone
3 Ways to Unlock Android Phone Without Google Account
Let’s consider a situation that you are completely stranded with your Android device locked out with all the necessary offline data, contacts, important messages, and professional notes. Well, there are more than half a dozen methods to quickly unlock any Android phone online either with Google account details, GPS tracking i.e. find my mobile service provided by most of the companies and many other tools. What if Google account is not signed in to Android device? Now, all you can rely on is on alternative methods to unlock your Android device quickly without losing any data whatsoever. Here are three best ways on how to unlock android phone without a google account. How to Unlock Android Phone without Internet Connection

Android Debug Bridge

  1. A PC is required to execute the method. Here are the guidelines.
  2. Install the Android SDK software pack on PC, install them.
  3. By pressing Ctrl + R, enter command prompt and type CMD, then enter the following command “C:/android/platform-tools” and hit enter.
  4. Connect the Android device and enter the following code, “adb device.”
  5. Now, enter the command “shell input keyevent 66” and then “adb shell input text 1234”. 

Find My Mobile

  • Exclusively for Samsung users, you need to have an active Samsung account on your smartphone to find your Phone with the help of Samsung Find my mobile tool. Follow the simple steps below:
  • Visit Samsung Find my mobile website and sign in using your account details used on the Android device.
  • After signing in, find your device on the left side of the screen. If you cannot see it, browse through the page.
  • After finding the device, click on Unlock my Screen and then confirm by tapping/clicking the button Unlock on PC and wait for few moments before the operation is marked successful.
  • You will be notified once the screen is unlocked.
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Call Me Trick

Call on your number that needs to be unlocked from any other mobile phone. Now receive the call and quickly enter the menu while the call is being connected.
Go to the security settings and find your Password settings. Once found, try out all the possible pins, patterns, or passwords.
The method works on few devices, the success rate is 30%. Still it works for at least 30 percent Android users and is worth trying. If all methods fail to execute, try hard resetting your Android device as a last resort.

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