How to Unlock Android Phone without Internet Connection

How to Unlock Android Phone without Internet

How to unlock Android Phone without the internet

Android is an open source Operating system and the most common platform, it is the main reason behind most of its security flaws and breaches because the core code could be accessed and modified by anyone from anywhere. There are oodles of tips and tricks to get your android phone unlocked within few minutes online and offline, the most common method used worldwide is the factory reset process or hard reset. Thealternatives do exist, some are paid while other are free but take a lot of time to execute. The most common situations when the phone is locked out are too many password or pattern attempts, or broken screens that prevent users from unlocking their phones and copying the data to the external hard drive.

If you have data connection turned off along with the WiFi connection, and there’s no way to change or restore the password using Google online password recovery or Samsung Find my Device, here are few offline methods that will do the job perfectly

Debug the Phone

  • Yes, if you have USB Debugging enabled on your smartphone, this method will work smooth for you. You need to have a PC with or without working internet connection. ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. You need to have Java installed on your system to run ADB files.
  • Download Java Development Kit for ADB to work and execute the operation. If installed, go to the next step.
  • Download Android SDK online, type the keyword and it will redirect you to the download website. Install and then Run the Program
  • For user convenience, it is advisable to change install folder path to C:\Android by modification.
  • Open the Android SDK Manager from Android SDK, go to Menu and then Programs followed by Android SDK Tools and then SDK Manager.
  • Tick the desired SDK packages from the drop down menu, it is advised to select the following tools to complete the Unlocking operation:
  • 1.       Android SDK Tools
  • 2.       Android SDK Platform-tools
  • 3.       Google USB Driver package
  • ·         After marking the desired packs, click on Install Packaged to install them to PC.
  • ·Now run the command prompt and type, “CMD” and enter.
  • ·Now type cd C:\android\platform-tools and press Enter button.
  • ·Now for thenew interface, type the command ADB devices and hit the Enter key.
·      Now enter the following code:
sqlite3 settings.db
update system set value=0 where name='lock_pattern_autolock';
update system set value=0 where name='lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently';
·       After executing the operation, reboot your device.

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