How to Unlock Android Phone Without Password

How to Unlock Android Phone Without Password

There are hundreds of Android apps that claim to bypass the Android password or lock screen, among them, hardly a dozen of them are authentic, and those too, work on low-end Android Operating systems. The below explained method works for Android versions below Android 4.4 KitKat. The working period of the application is hardly 10-15 minutes. The components required to complete the entire process are PC or Laptop, locked smartphone running on Android versions below 4.4 KitKat, a USB cable that connects the Android Smartphone with PC / Laptop, and working internet connection on both Android device and PC.

The best app for Android Security Bypass is Screen Lock Bypass Pro available on Google Playstore for a little more than 4 USD, but it is worth the money spent. The app guarantees phone lock bypass, if you are having trouble resetting or too afraid of losing data or setting and trying to avoid hard reset or other methods that erase some memory, it is a must-try method. Wondering how to unlock Android Phone without password or pin code? Check out the process and follow the instructions carefully. 

The Android smartphone must be connected to the internet and synced with Google account so that Playstore apps must get synchronized accordingly. 

  • Open playstore from PC or Laptop and search for “Screen Lock Bypass Pro.”
  • Purchase the application from the Playstore and select Install it to the deviceto install the required app to your Android smartphone automatically.
  • After the tool is installed on the device, connect your Android smartphone to the PC using a USB cable. When connected through wired connection, a screen will appear on your smartphone with multiple options. 
  • On the window that says, “Activate Device Administrator,” select the Activate button from your mobile phone that invites the user to remove the lock when the next screen appears. Confirm your action, and that’s it, you have successfully unlocked your device and your lock screen, password, pin, or pattern is reset. 
  • Note that the above-explained method is obsolete now, check out our website to look for advanced methods on how to unlock android phones without a password. The Screen Lock Bypass Pro works on multiple accounts, you have to pay for once and open as many devices as you can with the amazing application made by Thomas Cannon. 

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