How to Unlock Android Smartphone with PC Using ADB Method

how to unlock android phone from computer without resetting

Smartphones are often locked or broken with all the data enclosed in the hard disk that can’t be accessed without knowing the password, pin code, or sometimes the fingerprint of the Android phone. Be it an unexpected situation or deliberate password attempts by anyone at home (probably kids). If you fail to recall your Android phone password or pattern, there are several safe and fast ways to unlock your smartphone with the help of a laptop or PC without resetting it through Android-enabled hard reset or factory restore setting method. So what’s the deal that prevents the Android users to hard reset their smartphones? The biggest drawback of ahard reset is that all the settings and data stored in the mobile phone memory is wiped out. Out of endless forum discussions and tech talks, we have come up with the easiest methods of How to unlock theAndroid phone from Computer without resetting.
 How to unlock Android phone without Password

Android Debugging Bridge

The method is simple with a little basic requirement i.e. you need to have USB debugging already enabled on your Android device. For those regularly transferring files between PC and Android smartphone, it is already enabled as it requires USB debugging permissions before transferring data from PC to Android phone or vice versa. Here are the steps to unlock the locked Android phone with the help of PC.

  • Download the Android SDK Package app on your computer and open the app once installed.
  • Now select the search icon and open command prompt or by directly pressing Ctrl + R, then type CMD and hit Enter.
  • Change the file directory of ADB by entering the following command i.e. cd C:/android/platform-tools.
  • Now attach your phone to the PC through a USB cable, after that enter the command, “adb device.” After detecting the Android device, it will produce numbers on the Command screen.
  • Now after seeing the numbers in the command window, enter the following commands in the Command prompt. “shell input keyevent 66” and then “adb shell input text 1234”.
  • It will definitely remove any pattern or password, and now you can easily access all your data from PC as well as from the smartphone.
  • The working and success rate of unlocking Android phone password is 70% with the help of Android Debug Bridge method. The timeneeded to complete the task is 10 minutes.  
 How to Unlock Android phone without losing data

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