How to Unlock Windows 10 Without Password

How to Unlock Windows 10 Without Password

Windows 10 is a safer and stylish version of the Microsoft Windows Operating system. Until now, Windows 10 is the latest and most successful OS used on computers and Laptops. Being the pioneer and champion of the Operating system on Computer systems, everyone has it from the US to Australia with the most satisfying and safe customer reviews from all over the world. Also, the privacy system installed in Windows 10 is much enhanced and sophisticated than its counterparts with security updates and malware definitions updated on a weekly basis to keep it up and running for such a large radius of its customers. Forgetting Windows login password and how to unlock Windows 10 password without software is the most sought thread on the internet. Thousands of forums are dedicated to the problem with new and updated solutions coming up every day to unlock Windows 10 password or pin code without using any external software or hardware. After analyzing hundreds of reviews, we have come up with the lenient solution that is safer and keeps your data safe on the computer without resetting the system. 
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Recover Password Online

  • It is the easiest and formal method provided by Windows 10 to unlock the system using Microsoft Live Account. 

  • After turning on the system, go the Microsoft online form. It can be done from any device i.e. a smartphone, another PC, or an iPad/tablet.
  • Open the Microsoft official site and sign in using your Microsoft account details. 

  • From there, click on the Account Reset menu and select “I Forgot My Password” and click Next.

  • Enter the captcha code after entering anEmail address, look for the options to receive the recovery code i.e. via an SMS, email, or through a call service. 

  • If you don’t have an associated cell phone number or an email address, answer the security questions asked by the system to prove your identity.

  • Once verified, it will ask to enter a new password for the particular email address and confirm by clicking Next button. After the confirmation that says, “Your account has been recovered,” you are eligible to use the new password on your PC/Laptop to log in. 

  • Make sure that the PC being used to unlock the Windows 10 is connected to the internet via a LAN cable or Wi-Fi to log in online. 

  • After logging in, use the online password and Microsoft account to change the offline password or pin code. 
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