App locker for window 8

app locker for window 8

App locker for window 8


App locker is a kind of software that could make a huge difference to the real world. App Locker allows you to set the rules for software what user account on a computer can run. App locker is a good security strategy which is based on the principle of giving least privileges, limiting access to the users, and files and programs which are responsible for getting the job done. App locker is used to prevent the user from running outdated software, software which is not licensed and the software which use an excessive amount of bandwidth. 

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Features of Windows 8 Locker: 

1. It provides you the direct access to the VPN, in which you can connect to the world of internet by using some other country internet protocol address. VPN is a traditional connection which can manually run by the user, but you can automate it so that whenever the computer starts a user get connected to the internet automatically.
2. It provides the Branch Cache feature, which is designed for the organization that has multiple branches in different locations. For instance, the main office has all the data which is very useful and confidential for the unemployed persons of the organization; you can hide the data in this feature,
3. You can also create additional rules in the app locker so that nobody else will get access to your hidden things.
4. Turning on and off app locker is another feature, You can turn off the app locker feature so that you don’t have to unlock the files everytime you need them.
5. We need to enable two things in Window 8 to run the app locker in our operating system. First one is we need to run services.Mac and enable the application identity service, and secondly, we need to go to the properties of app locker to enable the enforce rules.

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